Welcome to the documentation of the Universal Server US-Main API

Copyright © 2021 Olivier Boudeville

Version: API 0.0.8

Authors: Olivier Boudeville (olivier (dot) boudeville (at) esperide (dot) com).



The "Universal Server" (US-Main, part of the Universal Server umbrella project), provides various administration-related services.

This website presents the documentation of the API (Application Programming Interface) of US-Main version 0.0.8 (as of Saturday, September 10, 2022).

US-Main relies on US-Common (for basic elements such as schedulers), on the Traces library (for trace supervision), on the WOOPER layer (for object-oriented constructs) and on the Myriad layer (as a generic Erlang toolbox).

Optionally US-Main may use the Universal Webserver, i.e. US-Web (for web integration), Ceylan-Mobile (for 3G connectivity, notably SMS sending) and Ceylan-Seaplus (as a prerequisite of Ceylan-Mobile for a bridge to the C language).

Note that, currently, code based on WOOPER is not correctly taken into account by edoc: due to limitations, most of the listed functions lack their documentation, and all methods and also generated code, such as constructors, are invisible to edoc, respectively as it is not aware that they are actually exported in, or added to, the AST. However the full US-Main codebase is intensely documented, refer to this repository for full information.

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